Vakeel Saab Closing Collection: 100 Crore Share Worldwide

Vakeel Saab Closing Collection: Pawan Kalyan’s comeback film Vakeel Saab released on 09th April with huge buzz and expectations. The film has generated positive reports and with strong word of mouth, it has collected a share of around 100 Crore worldwide. The theatrical rights are valued at 89.85crs had scored a clean hit status at the box office. Here’s Vakeel Saab worldwide Closing Collection.

vakeel saab closing collection

Pawan Kalyan’s comeback film Vakeel Saab had opened with excellent reports and Day 1 collections are ranked at 32 crs in the Telugu States. With strong positive reviews in its 1st-week run, Vakeel Saab collected a share more than Rs.75 crore worldwide.

Vakeel Saab Closing Collection: 100 Crore Share Worldwide

Vakeel Saab (2021) is the latest Telugu film directed by Venu Sriram while produced by Dil Raju , Boney Kapoor in their joint production. Starring Pawan Kalyan , Anjali , Nivetha Thomas in the lead roles, Music of Vakeel Saab composed by S.Thaman and editing of the movie done by Prawin Pudi. The movie is scheduled for April 09, 2021 worldwide release.

Vakeel Saab Closing Collection

Vakeel Saab crossed the breakeven mark after 2nd week and it’s not an easy task to achieve this during the second wave or corona. Even though the film collections were affected by ticket price issues, lack of benefit shows and corona 2nd wave the movie is successful to become a clean hit movie at Box Office.

Movie Budget & Theatrical rights

As per the various news circulating on Internet, the movie is made with an estimated budget of Rs.70 Crore and the theatrical pre-release business of the movie valued at Rs.88 Crore. So, the movie has to collect more than Rs.90 crore share at Box Office to break-even and to become a successful film. Vakeel Saab made it possible after 10 days of running in theaters.

Gross and Share Collection Estimation

After 20 days of it theatrical release the movie is having digital premiers in Amazon Prime Video on April 30, 2021.

Day Wise Worldwide Gross Worldwide Share
Day 1 Rs.60 Cr + Rs. 32 Cr +
Day 2 Rs.30 Cr + Rs.18 Cr +
Day 3 Rs.20 Cr + Rs.10 Cr +
Day 4 Rs.12 Cr + Rs.07 Cr +
Day 5 (ugadi) Rs.20 Cr + Rs.10 Cr +
Day 6 Rs.12 Cr + Rs.07 Cr +
Day 7 Rs.06 Cr + Rs.03 Cr +
Day 8 Rs.04 Cr + Rs.02 Cr +
Day 9 Rs.04 Cr + Rs.02.5 Cr +
Day 10 Rs.05 Cr + Rs.02.5 Cr +
Day 11 Rs.2.5 Cr + Rs.1.5 Cr (+ or -)
Day 12 Rs.2 Cr + Rs.1 Cr (+ or -)
Day 13 Rs.2 Cr + Rs.1 Cr (+ or -)
Day 14 Rs.2 Cr + Rs.1 Cr (+ or -)
Day 15 Rs.2 Cr + Rs.1 Cr (+ or -)
Total Collection (Closing) Rs.170 Cr + Rs.100 Cr +


Disclaimer: All these figures are approximate and Cine List don’t claim for the data authenticity. However, these figures are adequately equivalent to the performance of the film.

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