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Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform 2021 [Recently Updated]

Upcoming Tamil Movies on OTT 2021: Though Corona Second wave has reduced its peak from June 2021 Still theatres are not open fully will 100 % capacity. Major Film makers have decided to release on biggest OTT platforms.

Big Budget Movies on line to release on OTT’s Directly, Among the is Arya starring Sarpatta, directed by Pa Ranjith, and is now all set to stream on Amazon Prime from 22 July 2021. Sarpatta is a 1980’s backdrop movie with story revolving around Boxers in North chennai. 

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT Platform 2021

upcoming tamil movies in ott platform
upcoming tamil movies in ott platform

Arun Prabhu’s movie Vaazhl started streaming from 16 July. This Vaazhl seems to be the Sequel of Aruvi picture directed by Arun Prabhu. Here Arun prabhu again come up with the new content, scenes shot in unexplored locations of tamilnadu, kerala and karnataka. Its now streaming on SonyLIV. Watch it and enjoy.

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT December 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Kurup (Dub)December, 2021Netflix
Atrangi Re (Dub)December 24, 2021Hotstar
Minnal Murali (Dub)December 24, 2021Netflix
Kayamai KadakkaDecember 03, 2021MoviesAints
Chithirai SevvanamDecember 03, 2021Zee5
Sivakumarin SabadhamDecember 03, 2021Hostar
EnemyDecember 03, 2021Tentkotta & SimplySouth
Money Heist P5 V2 (Dub)December 03, 2021Netflix
Fast & Furious 9 (Dub)December 01, 2021BookMyShow

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT November 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Chithirai SevvanamNovember 26, 2021Zee5
Squid Game (Dub)November 26, 2021Netflix
A Quiet Place 2 (Dub)November 24, 2021BMS Stream
Hawkeye (Dub)November 24, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Peter Rabbit 2 (Dub)November 24, 2021Netflix
Bright Burn (Dub)November 23, 2021Netflix
Pon ManickavelNovember 19, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Don’t Breathe 2 (Dub)November 15, 2021Prime Video
Aranmanai 3November 12, 2021Zee5
Red Notice (Dub)November 12, 2021Netflix
Home Sweet Home Alone (Dub)November 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Squad (Dub)November 12, 2021Zee5
Jungle Cruise (Dub)November 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
MughizhNovember 07, 2021Netflix


Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT October 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
LaabamOctober 24, 2021Netflix
Oh ManapenneOctober 22, 2021Hotstar
Kodiyil OruvanOctober 17, 2021YuppTV, Simply South, Tentkotta
IPC376October 16, 2021AstroFirst (Malaysia)
Free Guy (Dub)October 15, 2021Hotstar
UdanpirappeOctober 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Vinodhaya SithamOctober 13, 2021Zee5
ThalaiviiOctober 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Devadas BrothersOctober 04, 2021Netflix
FriendshipOctober 01, 2021Tentkotta
LIFTOctober 01, 2021Disney+ Hotstar

Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT September 2021

Below are the list of upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platform 2021.

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Annabelle SethupathiSeptember 17, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
DikkiloonaSeptember 10, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Tughlaq DurbarSeptember 10, 2021Netflix/ SUN TV
Saani KaayidhamSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime Video
AyngaranSeptember, 2021SonyLiv
Kadaisi VivasayiSeptember, 2021SonyLiv
NaragasooranSeptember, 2021SonyLiv
KaadanSeptember, 2021ZEE5
DoctorSeptember, 2021Disney+ Hotstar (Direct OTT)
FIRSeptember, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Vaa DealSeptember, 2021TBA
Andava KaanomSeptember, 2021TBA
Tughlaq DurbarSeptember, 2021Disney+ Hotstar (Direct OTT)
Kuttrame KuttramSeptember, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
SumoSeptember, 2021Amazon Prime Video (Direct OTT)
Vellai YaanaiSeptember, 2021SUN NXT

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT August 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
LOL Enga Siri PaappomAugust 27, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Cruella (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
The Empire (Dub)August 27, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Way Down (Dub)August 27, 2021Lionsgate play
The Vault (Dub)August 27, 2021Lionsgate play
Vivaha Bhojanambu (Dub)August 27, 2021SonyLiv
Kasada TabaraAugust 27, 2021SonyLiv
The Family Man 2 (Dub)August 25, 2021Amazon Prime Video
BoomikaAugust 22, 2021Netflix/ Vijay TV
200 Halla Ho (Dub)August 20, 2021ZEE5 Premium
DhowlathAugust 20, 2021Simply South
The Priest (Dub)August 17, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Vettai NaaiAugust 17, 2021Astro Go (Overseas)
Bhuj The Pride Of India (Dub)August 15, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
NetrikannAugust 13, 2021Hotstar
Dial 100 (Dub)August 13, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Shantit Kranti (Dub)August 13, 2021SonyLiv
SennaiAugust 11, 2021Nee Stream
The Kissing Booth 3 (Dub)August 11, 2021Netflix
Jyo Achyutananda (Dub)August 07, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Sirantha Kudimagan (Dub)August 07, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
NavarasaAugust 06, 2021Netflix
World Famous Lover (Dub)August 06, 2021Simply South
The Legend of Hanuman (S2)August 06, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Sirantha Kudimagan (Dub)August 06, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Spiral (Dub)August 05, 2021Lionsgate play
Oviya Win Kadhal Kathai (Dub)August 05, 2021YouTube

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT July 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Thittam IranduJuly 30, 2021Sony LIV, Tentkotta, SimplySouth
Abhiyum AnuvumJuly 25, 2021Nee Stream
Sarpatta ParambaraiJuly 22, 2021Amazon Prime Video
VaazhlJuly 16, 2021Sony LIV
The Tomorrow War (Dub)July 02, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Haseen Dillruba (Dub)July 02, 2021Netflix

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT June 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Thatha Kadai (Dub)June 27, 2021Amazon Prime Video
MaadathyJune 27, 2021Nee Stream
Chidambaram Railway GateJune 26, 2021Amazon Prime Video (US)
MethaguJune 26, 2021BS Value
MagavuJune 26, 2021Behindwoods TV
Anu and ArjunJune 26, 2021Amazon Prime Video
ThaenJune 25, 2021SonyLiv
Grahan (Dub)June 24, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Oru Adaar LoveJune 18, 2021Simply South
Jagame ThandiramJune 18, 2021Netflix
Pazhagiya NaatkalJune 16, 2021HD Out
EeswaranJune 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Skater Girl (Tamil)June 12, 2021Netflix
SarbathJune 11, 2021Netflix
George Reddy (Tamil)June 10, 2021HD Out Now
Sunflower (Tamil)June 11, 2021ZEE5
Mortal Kombat (Tamil)June 04, 2021Amazon Prime
DOM (Tamil)June 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT May 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Malaysia To AmnesiaMay 28, 2021ZEE5
MaharaniMay 28, 2021SonyLiv
Marai VaasiMay 28, 2021SUN Nxt
Out of Love (Tamil)May 25, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
ChiyangalMay 21, 2021ZEE5
99 SongsMay 21, 2021Netflix
Kamali From NadukkaveriMay 21, 2021ZEE5
November StoryMay 20, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Kala (Tovino Thomas)May 19, 2021Amazon Prime Video (US)
Kaadhal (Tamil Dub)May 15, 2021SUN Nxt
PulanaivuMay 15, 2021HD Out
Nenjam MarappathillaiMay 14, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
KarnanMay 14, 2021Amazon Prime Video, Simply South
EeswaranMay 14, 2021Tentkotta
Radhe (Tamil)May 13, 2021ZEE Plex & ZEE5
Kadhal ParavaigalMay 10, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Mei MaranthenMay 10, 2021Speed Audio & Video IN
Time IllaMay 10, 2021Speed Audio & Video IN
MandelaMay 07, 2021Simply South
Kvalthurai Ungal NanbanMay 07, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
Rama YugamMay 06, 2021MX Player
Godzilla Vs Kong (Tamil)May 04, 2021Amazon Prime 
SulthanMay 02, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
KarnanMay 01, 2021Einthusan TV (Overseas)
Idhu Ennoda JillaMay 01, 2021ZEE5

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT April 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
ChasingApril 30, 2021Simply South
SulthanApril 30, 2021Simply South
Godzilla Vs KongApril 30, 2021HBO Max, Apple TV
UnakkagathaneApril 29, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Kalathil SandhippomApril 23, 2021ZEE5
ThaenApril 23, 2021Tentkotta
Manja Satta Pacha SattaApril 23, 2021Simply South
Marai VaasiApril 23, 2021SUN NXT (tentative date)
Wild Dog (Tamil)April 22, 2021Netflix
Power Play (Tamil)April 21, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Falcon & the winter soldierApril 16, 2021Hotstar
Ajeeb Daastaans (Tamil)April 16, 2021Netflix
Vanakkam Da MappileiApril 16, 2021SUN NXT
Yuvarathnaa (Tamil)April 16, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Paramapadham VilayattuApril 14, 2021Hotstar
MathilApril 14, 2021Zee5 Tamil
Vanakkam Da MappileiApril 14, 2021SUN TV (Direct Television Premiere)
Theethum NandrumApril 14, 2021Tentkotta
Kanni RaasiApril 11, 2021ZEE5 Tamil
SarbathApril 11, 2021Colors Tamil (Direct Television Premiere)
AnbirkiniyalApril 09, 2021Tentkotta
Kamali From NadukkaveriApril 09, 2021Tentkotta
MandelaApril 05, 2021Netflix
MandelaApril 04, 2021Vijay TV (Direct Television Premiere)
AnbirkiniyalApril 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Kamali From NadukkaveriApril 04, 2021Amazon Prime Video (Outside India)
CallsApril 02, 2021Tentkotta
MirugaaApril 02, 2021Tentkotta
AsuranApril 02, 2021Simply South
Tom & Jerry (Tamil)April 02, 2021BookMyShow Stream

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT March 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Godzilla Vs KongMarch 31, 2021HBO Max
TENET (Tamil)March 31, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Nani’s Jersey (Tamil)March 27, 2021SUN NXT
Nenjam MarappathillaiMarch 26, 2021Tentkotta
Sema ThimiruMarch 26, 2021Simply South
Parris JeyarajMarch 19, 2021SUN NXT
Sanga ThalaivanMarch 29, 2021Tentkotta
Care of KaadhalMarch 15, 2021Netflix
TeddyMarch 12, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Kutty StoryMarch 12, 2021Simply South (Outside INDIA)
TRIPMarch 10, 2021SUN NXT
Naanum Single ThaanMarch 06, 2021Simply South (Outside INDIA)

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT February 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Aelay28th February, 2021Star Vijay
Kabadadhaari26th February, 2021Prime Video/ Tentkotta/ Simply South
Kalathil Santhippom26th February, 2021Tentkotta/ Simply South
Kutty Story26th February, 2021Einthusan
Theeni26th February, 2021ZEE Plex
Kabadadhaari12th February, 2021Einthusan
Live Telecast12th February, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Eeswaran12th February, 2021Simply South
Yen Peyar Anandhan02nd February, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Bheeshma (Santhanavan)01st February, 2021SUN NXT

List of Upcoming Tamil Movies in OTT January 2021

Movie NameRelease DateDigital Platform
Master29th January, 2021Amazon Prime Video, Simply South, Tentkotta
EPKO 30622nd January, 2021MX Player
The White Tiger (dub)22nd January, 2021Netflix
Sinam22nd January, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Pulikkuthi Pandi16th January, 2021SUN NXT
Virumaandi14th January, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Bhoomi14th January, 2021Disney+ Hotstar
Biskoth10th January, 2021 ZEE5
Maara08th January, 2021Amazon Prime Video
Karuppankaatu Valasu08th January, 2021 ZEE5
Kaalidas07th January, 2021 ZEE5
Kombu01st January, 2021 Simply South

Tamil Blockbusters Streaming on OTTs

This Year Two block buster movies Jagame thandiram and Karnan of Dhanush streaming on OTTs. Karnan is an Emotional Village backdrop movie. Caste hagemony is shown perfectly by the director in this movie. Screenplay was in hollywood level. Jagame thandiram starring dhanush as local thug in this movie. Story revolves around gang wars. This has garnered positive reviews from critics. Now its available on Netflix.

Tovino Thomas starring Kala is a malayalam movie dubbed in tamil. This picture has also made a block buster hit. Story, Content, Screenplay and Action is totally new in this movie. Rohith V.S directed this Movie. Along with Tovino, Lal Paul, Divya Pillai and Pramod Velliyanad Played Lead roles.

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