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Telugu Movie Satellite Rights 2021 & World TV Premiere Dates

Telugu Movie Satellite Rights 2021Hello film buff here we are presenting you with the list of all the Telugu movies which are going to premier in various satellite channels.  Here you can easily find what is coming on in which channel. And can watch all the movies you wanted to see now and can be seen at home safely with all your family members. 

Where do you want to go..?

We know there is a situation where one can not go out to watch movies in theatres as corona hits very severely. Theatres are not yet open and as governments are planning to open but people are still afraid of Corona third wave especially its going to impact severely on children as buzz is going on all over the country.

So in situations like this no one wants to take their children granted to enter in the mass mobilising places like cinema theatres. Here satellite channels are seen as a main window to watching movies. 

So, in this scenario we have plenty of options at our home to watch movies. Top Telugu satellite channels like Star Maa, Gemini TV, Zee Telugu are offering the newest of the movies list to its audiences. 

What are Movie Satellite Rights?

With the Corona pandemic and Reliance Jio`s internet revolution an ordinary audien also exposed to OTT platforms. But not all can afford all the OTTs so satellite channels seem to be a relief for a common audience. 

Whatever the channels we see with a cable connection on our TV set are known as satellite channels like in Telugu we have  Star Maa, Gemini TV, Zee Telugu etc. if these channels take the rights of any movie to broadcast in it are known as movie satellite rights. If a channel take right to broadcast a movie no other channel has broadcast the same movie. 

Telugu Movie Satellite Rights 2021 & World TV Premiere Dates

Movie NameSatellite RightsTV Premiere Date
NaandhiGemini TVMay 30, 2021 at 6 PM
A1 ExpressGemini TVJune 13, 2021 at 6 PM
Vakeel SaabZEE TeluguComing Soon
CheckGemini TVComing Soon
Play BackTBAComing Soon
AranyaZEE TeluguComing Soon
Ardha ShathabdhamTBAComing Soon
Thank You BrotherTBAComing Soon
Rang DeZEE TeluguSunday, June 20.
November StoryStar MaaComing Soon

Upcoming Telugu Movies Satellite Rights 2021

Below are the list of unreleased Telugu movies in Theaters but their satellite rights already belong to following TV channels.

Movie NameSatellite RightsTV Premiere Date
MaestroStar MaaUpcoming
Radhe ShyamZEE TeluguUpcoming
Varudu KavalenuZEE TeluguUpcoming
RRRStar MaaUpcoming
ThalaiviZEE TeluguUpcoming
PushpaStar MaaUpcoming
SulthanStar MaaUpcoming
KhiladiStar MaaUpcoming
Love StoryStar MaaUpcoming
Most Eligible BachelorStar MaaUpcoming
AcharyaStar MaaUpcoming
KhiladiStar MaaUpcoming
AkhandaStar MaaUpcoming
Tuck JagadishStar MaaUpcoming
SeetimaarrGemini TVUpcoming
Sarkaru Vaari PataaStar MaaUpcoming


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