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S-Certified Movies List In India

S-Certified Movies List In India: S-Certified Movies are the ones which are banned by the rating given the Central board of film certification(CBFC). This can be initial or permanent as well. This list we are proving below are the movies whose release or production was blocked by the central or the state government by a legal institution.

S-Certified Movies List In India
S-Certified Movies List In India

Here are the movies list and the reasons for blocking them. 

S-Certified Movies List In India

Movie NameReason why the movie was banned
Neel Akasher Neechey(1959)It was banned for two months for controversies of Sexual harassment overtones
Gokul Shankar(1963)It was banned for psychological motivations of Nathruam Godse
Garam Hawa(1973)The release was held for 8 months. The Film depicted a muslim family during the partition of India
Aandhi(1975)It was banned for sometime and released in 1977 after Janata Party came into power
Kissa Kursi Ka(1977)The Film was banned by the congress government for lampooning the emergency
Indiana Jones and the temple of doom(1984)It was banned temporarily for its negative depiction of Indians
Pati Parmeshwar(1987)It was banned for depicting a woman in the wrong way
Kuttrapathirikal(1993)It was banned because of showing Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. But it was later released in the year 2007
Bandit Queen(1994)It was banned temporarily because the subject of the film’s story wasn’t that good enough
Kamasutra: A Tale Of Love(1996)It was banned due to sexual content.
Black Friday(2004)The Movie was banned because of the wrong showing of the law suit verdict
Gandu(2010)The Film was banned in India because of sexual scenes
The Girl with the dragon tattoo(2011)This movie was banned because of its adult scenes of rape and torture
Fifty Shades of grey(2015)The Film was banned because of the adult scenes. Later with some voluntary cuts the movie was released
The Da Vinci Code(2006)The Movie was banned temporarily because of the wrong depicting of the Christianity, Later the movie was released again.
Dharam Yudh Morcha(2016)The Movie was banned because of the movie was related to the Punjabi Suba Movement
Toofan Singh(2017)The movie was banned because of the movie was about Khalistan Liberation Force member. Later the movie was released internationally 

So these are the movies which got banned temporarily and some of them are permanently banned in India. There are many other movies like this like The Painted House, Mohalla Assi and others. Once we get the details of all the movies included in the S-Certified list, We will definitely update the list. 

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