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R-Rated Movies List

R-Rated Movies List: We all know that before the movie gets released in the theatres. The Movie has to go through the censor where the viewers of the censor board will give the movie an certificate based on to the content of the movie. Just like that there are some movies which are R-Rated, that means that the film has been certified as having material which may not be suitable for the children under the age of 17.

R-Rated Movies List
R-Rated Movies List

These types of movies are to be watched under the guidance of parent or an adult guardian. There are some hundreds of R-Rated Movies out there. But we have shortlisted a fair amount of movies under this category. So here is the list of R-Rated Movies. 

R-Rated Movies List

Movie NameReleased in the year
Deadpool 1 and 22016 and 2018
The Matrix Reloaded2003
Detective China Town 32021
It Part 1 and Part 22017 and 2019
The passion of the Christ2004
The Hangover Part 22011
Fifty Shades of Grey2015
The Mermaid2016
American Sniper2014
Detective Chinatown 22018
The Revenant2015
Terminator 2: Judgment Day1991
Demon Slayer: Mugen Train2020
Saving Private Ryan1998
The Hangover2009
The Matrix 1999
Pretty Woman1990
The last samurai2003
The Exorcist1973
A Star Is Born2018
Terminator 3: Rise Of the Machines2003
The Matrix Revolutions2003
The Intouchables2011
Bad Boys for Life2020
Django Unchained2012
Sex and the City2008
Kingsman: The Secret Service2015
The King’s speech2010
The Bodyguard1992
Kingsman: The Golden circle2017
The Wolf Of Wall Street2013
Once Upon a time in Hollywood2019
Fifty Shades Darker2017
True Lies1994
Slumdog Millioniare2008
Mad Max: Fury Road2015
Fifty Shades Freed2018
There’s something about mary1998
Gone Girl2014
Sausage Party2016
Pink Floyd- The wall1982
Heavy Metal1981
Waltz with Bashir2008
Resident Evil Vendetta2017
Ghost in the shell1995
Resident Evil: Damnation2012

So these are all the movies list of R-Rated movies. There are hundreds of movies out there which are certified as R-Rated. But almost all of these movies are the latest ones and quite the famous ones amongst the audience and all of these movies got response at the box office as well. So if you are taking your children to watch these movies, It is better to guide them about these movies and tell them what is right and what is wrong. Because these movies can have loads of impacts on the child’s mind. 

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